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7 Questions with Robert Pattinson

Get ready to know Robert Pattinson. He's automatically going to be the heartthrob for whom all the girls lust. The pretty British actor landed the role of brooding vampire stud Edward Cullen in the movie of Twilight, and his life will never be the same.

Zimbio: What's harder, pretending to be supernatural or pretending to be American?
Robert Pattinson:
Well, I never really saw him as an American guy, the character. Even though he’s got an American accent, I never saw it as I was playing a jock or something like that, which is typically American and you have got to know things about American culture. You don’t have to do any of the hand signs or anything like that. I don’t know what any of those are, or little handshakes and all that type of stuff. So I guess the paranormal thing or supernatural thing was probably easier.

Zimbio: The book describes Edward as impossibly beautiful, so when you got the part, did you say to yourself, "Man, I am really beautiful!"
Robert Pattinson:
I got given the book about five months before the casting and I read the first 50 pages up until he gets introduced and then I was like, "Oh, no." Because I was really fat last year as well. So I just felt the whole thing was embarrassing, even turning up to the audition. I had not read the whole book before the audition but even in the synopsis, the four line synopsis, the first line is like: "Edward is the perfect being. He is so witty and beautiful and so crazy and funny and will open doors for you and stuff. He will drive you in his Volvo." I thought just even turning up to it was embarrassing.

Zimbio: Did you start reading all the blogs about you?
Robert Pattinson:
Initially I did. My mum sent me some stuff which she thought was really funny when I was already in America. They had this picture from this Viking film which I did when I looked like someone had just beaten me in the face with a frying pan. I was wearing this disgusting wig and they were like, "This is Edward." It was this petition which they were going to send to the film company saying, "We will not go and see the movie." It literally got up to about 75,000 signings. This is about three days after I got cast. So I was like, "Thanks for sending me that, Mum." So that was my welcome in to Twilight.”

Zimbio: Do you ever wish you were an actor in an age before internet so you wouldn't have to know about blogs?
Robert Pattinson:
Oh definitely. It literally feeds the worst part of your soul as well. When you have nothing to do you go on the internet or whatever. Some nights I think, "I’m too tired to read a book so I know I’ll go on the Internet because it is kind of easy and I’ll read the news." So you go on to the New York Times website and look at it for a few seconds and get bored after about three minutes and go on IMDB instead. Then you realize how pathetic you are. I have to delete my Internet history whenever anyone comes round. It is like reading people’s minds, like when you meet someone and you really want to know what they think of you.

Zimbio: How have you handled the roller coaster from 75,000 people saying you’re wrong for the part to now where millions of people love you?
Robert Pattinson:
It’s the same thing. It’s like either way I prefer sticking with the ones saying that say they hated me. Then at least you’ve got to fight for something. But I don’t know. I have been brought up with my dad always saying, "Success and failure are both impostors" and I think that is so right. Especially in acting when everything is so extreme. Like you have little girls saying, "I want to have your babies" and stuff. I just want to say, "You don’t seriously. I don’t even want to have my babies.”

Zimbio: How about going from total unknown to major celebrity?
Robert Pattinson: I know, it’s so fun. I did two movies, those two little movies, before Twilight. They were tiny and now I love it when all these people come up to me and say, "I’m not actually a fan of yours from Twilight. I’m a fan of the poster of Little Ashes.”

Zimbio: Has it changed the fabric of your daily life?
Robert Pattinson: Not really. I don’t do too much walking down the street anymore. I just go about continuously doing interviews and stuff and then going in to rooms where everyone is screaming. I just go to different cities in the world for screaming sessions.


Old? Seems like it, but it was posted today.
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