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QotD gets Latin America distribution with Sun Distribution Group

MEXICO CITY — Making good on its status as one of the world’s most muscular buyers of the biggest U.S. independent movies out, Buenos Aires-based Sun Distribution Group has closed Latin America on a near roll call of the weightiest titles unveiled last month at the Berlin festival.

Among new buys: Exclusive Media’s “Black Mass,” with Johnny Depp as Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger, Barry Levinson helming; Nu Image/Millennium’s “Hercules 3D”; and IM Global’s teen femme fantasy “Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters,” which made waves at Berlin when Harvey Weinstein swooped on U.S. rights.

Also in Sun’s Berlin cart, said Sun’s Tomas Darcyl: FilmNation’s “The Reluctant Professor,” with Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei; and “Solace,” with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell; plus Werner Herzog’s “Queen of the Desert,” starring Naomi Watts and Robert Pattinson.

source via @didi__fey

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