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No Pictures of Rob

People may not be interested cause I don't have any pictures of Rob from tonight. But I figured since tonight was the last of the shows, I'd just spill.

Rob showed up. I didn't see him or hear him. Why? Cause I was watching a musical act on stage. BUT, Marcus thought it would be okay to take Rob from the front of the stage, through the crowd, to the back room. I saw Rob walking behind Marcus, and he was not happy. He stared at the ground and he walked fast. A friend of mine was closer and told me a girl asked for a picture with Rob. Rob responded by pointing at Marcus and telling her "It's his show, you should get a picture with him", then continued walking.

The door he entered in the last couple days was surrounded by paparazzi outside, which is probably why he didn't go out that way. infektion decided it would be fun to fuck with them. She slammed the door open, every photographer snapped pictures of her, and she yelled "What the hell?! I'm not Robert Pattinson!" and came back inside. Then, I slammed the door open, they all lifted their cameras, I laughed, and shut the door. A couple minutes later, I did it again. I encourage everyone to do it, as it is a guaranteed good time.

We went out to the back alley where we go every night after the shows to meet the performers, get pictures, hang out with friends, etc. There were paparazzi out there too. So, I grabbed my camera, walked up to them, and snapped a picture of them:

The guy on the right in the denim is the one I'll mention later. (the one who filmed Rob).

We then met and talked to Marcus Foster again. He signed my iPod for me. If anyone cares, a picture:

He had to run off to give an interview. He and Rob hid, and they hid for a long time. I was hanging out with Marcus's street team and his wonderful merch girls for a couple hours. We met Marcus again and then he went inside again.

We teamed up with the Marcus Foster street team to hold off the paparazzi tonight. A line of fans was formed and we formed a barricade as Rob left. A few members of his street team, along with infektion and daydreamer22688 held ALL of the photographers back so they couldn't get closer than about 15 feet away from the car. I don't think any pictures were taken, cause I didn't see any flashes. I was standing next to the car, attempting to block Rob's window when he got in the car but some haggard looking motherfucker took video and ran after the car. No fans bothered him on his way out.

We got into a pretty heated fight with a fat old man who was yelling at us because we wouldn't tell him which way they drove off.

And the girls who had been glaring at us EVERY fucking day this week came up to us and asked if "he" had left. We asked "who" and she said "Robert". We told her no, and she asked when Marcus left, and mentioned the exact model of the car they left in. We continued lying to her, giving her all the wrong information because she was a rude skankbag and I hope she gets a vaginal rash.

In other news, Marcus Foster still puts on an amazing show and is almost too nice.

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