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rpattzdaily's Journal

Robert Pattinson Daily
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Robert Pattinson, Edward Cullen, Cedric Diggory, oh my!

a b o u t . u s.

Welcome to rpattzdaily, your one-stop shop for your daily dose of Robert Pattinson. Please feel free to join the community to meet like-minded people and admire the pretty. Also, read news, join in discussions, and submit your fan art.

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robertpattinsononline.com, robsessedpattinson.com, robert-kristen.com, twilighttilldawn.blogspot.com, the twilight lounge, twilightladies.com, whynotrpattz.com, pattinsondaily.com, pattinson online, rob-pattinson.org, robertpattinsonnews.com, pattinsonstateofmind, everythingbutTwilight, robertpattinsonmoms.com, twilight britney fan, crookedsmileweb, jacksonandhisladies, robandhisladies, tom sturridge italia.

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f o l l o w . t h e m.

Content: You may post whatever you like so long as it's related to Robert Pattinson. News, questions, fan art, discussion, pictures, and embarrassing fangirl episodes are all welcome.

Tags: It is imperative that you tag your posts. We'd like an organized collection of Robert related media, but to do that we need you to buy into the system of tagging. If a tag isn't available that you need, contact a mod. We can tag your post for you or create one.

LJcuts: In order to spare everyone's flists, we ask that all large graphics be behind cuts. Any graphic larger than 500px wide should be beneath a cut.

Hotlinking: Hotlinking is mean. Don't do it. There are many sites to which you can upload pictures, cost free. Photobucket, ImageShack, and TinyPic are all options.

Icons: Please limit 4 teaser icons per post. All teasers must be icons relating to Rob.

Flames: Obviously, please refrain from flaming, bashing, trolling, and participating in annoying wank. Also, this is a supportive site of Robert Pattinson and his work.

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